Sunday, 3 November 2013

How to add meta tags to blogspot websites

Meta tags are a HTML code, that describes every content on your website.Visitors can't identify the meta tag, but the search engines can. These tags help the search engines to index your site easily.
So someone want to find a particular information, the search engines easily show the websites that contain the result to that person.Meta tags are many types- Description,keyword and title are the main meta tags for a site.Adding meta tags to your site gonna  help you lot with your SEO.
These are very simple to add to your site,just use in the main HTML code of your site (between <head> and </head>). An example of keyword meta tag.

<meta content='keywords in your site' name='keywords'/>
There certain types of meta tags, mainly used for the verification purposes such as verifying your site on Webmastertools.
These  meta tags are generated webmaster tools.They also provide two alternate methods to verify your site. But choosing meta tag verification is good. The webmaster tools automatically generate meta tags to paste in your home page.
But most of blogspot site owners find it difficult to find place paste the tag. Here is the answer...

Follow this steps to paste meta tag to your site

 1.Copy the meta tag from webmaster tools.
 2.Login to your Blogger account
 3.Click on the Template tab.
 4.Under the live on blog, you'll find a  'edit HTML' button,click on the button.
 5.Paste the meta tag to (between <head> and </head>) HTML code.
 6.Save template

 Done! See it's a piece of cake!!!!
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