Monday, 21 July 2014

Protect your privacy with Ghostery

Even though the social network giant Facebook talk much about privacy. They do little intrusion to your privacy to make you positive. If you don’t understand, go through next few lines.
The Facebook mood experiment is watching your every movement on the internet. They attempts to understand virtual emotional contagion – it is a concept that suggest your emotion by going through browsing histories. So Facebook mood experiment can understand whether you are on good or bad mood. If you are on bad mood they fill out the wall with positive posts, in turn make you happy! Well it’s a good thing but we want our privacy.
Ghostery will help you to hang on a bit to privacy. It will show the codes that tracks your history and also prevent them getting access to data.
 And the beauty is Ghostery makes money by data donation –this includes information about tracking technology you see and a bit of your browsing history.


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