Thursday, 2 January 2014

Google-Not just a Search engine

The new buzzing inventions of search engine giant,in the field of technology clearly depict that they are not just a search engine, but the future of technology world!
Google, in recent years has made some pretty huge inventions.Can you think of a driver less car on road! An wearable eyeglass computer. The Science fictions are now subject of real.Or Google make it possible!
Self Driving car- Google  recently developed a car that can drive without a driver.Giant car manufacturers are already set the race to put hats in the ring.Self driving car will hit the road by 2020,since the toughest job legal issues and technical explanations  is still undone .
Google Glass-Google's ambitious new invention-A wearable eyeglass computer, headpiece with a screen and online connection. We can expect Google glass in 2014.
We should thank the efforts put up by the massive search engine for their tech inventions,powered by massive finance.Not just inventing but there are also trying reach out the people.Freezone is a good example.

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