Sunday, 28 December 2014

Gorilla Glass version 4 is ready to make your smartphone tough

            The owners of 'Gorilla Glass' Corning Incorporated has revealed their new super hard glass version - Gorilla Glass 4 which able to save your smartphones  and tablet screens from damage.

                    The new product is about twice as hard as their old version gorilla glass 3 ,and product primarily focus on improving protection against hard contact damage. Oops that is the major reason for device damage.The gorilla glass 4 survived up to 80 percent of drops in the tests compared to soda-lime glass which failed in almost every attempt. Gorilla glass is used by  Apple iphones,Samsung galaxy series,Sony experia series and almost every smartphone giants.                   source:The hindu in school

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Protect your privacy with Ghostery

Even though the social network giant Facebook talk much about privacy. They do little intrusion to your privacy to make you positive. If you don’t understand, go through next few lines.
The Facebook mood experiment is watching your every movement on the internet. They attempts to understand virtual emotional contagion – it is a concept that suggest your emotion by going through browsing histories. So Facebook mood experiment can understand whether you are on good or bad mood. If you are on bad mood they fill out the wall with positive posts, in turn make you happy! Well it’s a good thing but we want our privacy.
Ghostery will help you to hang on a bit to privacy. It will show the codes that tracks your history and also prevent them getting access to data.
 And the beauty is Ghostery makes money by data donation –this includes information about tracking technology you see and a bit of your browsing history.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

PVR Cinemas in kochi

PVR limited ,one of the widely recognized cinema chain in India opened their first multiplex screen in Kerala (Lulu mall Kochi) which worth of Rs 30 crores. Multiplex giant PVR cinemas are also planning to invest more money in  the major cities in next year. And they already spotted the Tiruvanathapuram and Kozhikode for investing.Multiplex at Lulu Mall has 9 screens spread over 7100sq ft with 2100 seats.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Google-Not just a Search engine

The new buzzing inventions of search engine giant,in the field of technology clearly depict that they are not just a search engine, but the future of technology world!
Google, in recent years has made some pretty huge inventions.Can you think of a driver less car on road! An wearable eyeglass computer. The Science fictions are now subject of real.Or Google make it possible!
Self Driving car- Google  recently developed a car that can drive without a driver.Giant car manufacturers are already set the race to put hats in the ring.Self driving car will hit the road by 2020,since the toughest job legal issues and technical explanations  is still undone .
Google Glass-Google's ambitious new invention-A wearable eyeglass computer, headpiece with a screen and online connection. We can expect Google glass in 2014.
We should thank the efforts put up by the massive search engine for their tech inventions,powered by massive finance.Not just inventing but there are also trying reach out the people.Freezone is a good example.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Super Wi-Fi

A new kind of Wi-Fi technology
Super Wi-Fi the new advanced wi-fi will be soon implemented in colleges and universities.It uses a different frequency for transmission than normal wi-fi .Talking more specifically this service uses 'white space' unused portion of the spectrum.Hence this wireless technology offersa bigger range than existing hotspot.
 Super wi-fi requires no additional equipment for most devices .And it can have range up to 8 kilometers when comparing with 350 ft traditional wi-fi. Super Wi-Fi is not so fast as the Li-Fi

Monday, 2 December 2013

E-Tuition Sites. A click away !

Are you guys fed up with sitting in a crowded classroom,without able to concentrate. Then the e-tuition sites will help you.These online tuition sites,rich with illustrated examples and tests,are gaining popularity among students.Websites like ,
1. Meritnation

helping the students who are able to study in the comfort of their homes,by offering online interactive study material and other tools.
These sites charge between Rs 1,500 and Rs 1,800.Some sites do as a package range from Rs 2,500 to Rs 10,000,depends on the courses ,tests and number of classes.
The surveys shows that ,E-tuition sites are getting good attention.

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